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22. Juni 2023

9. Mai 2023

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Raw materials from organic cultivation

Our products made from GOTS-certified organic cotton are soft, breathable, durable and easy-care. They stand out from textiles made of conventional cotton with their particularly pleasant wearing comfort, moisture-regulating effect and low allergy potential and are characterized by longevity.

Fair and social

Our production partners are important to our collection. As a sustainable company based in Germany, European production is a requirement for us. We work with high-quality companies and studios in Portugal, who manufacture our products with great commitment. Working standards are high and wages are fair. We personally visited our productions partners to get a good impression of their fair working ambience.


On organic cotton fields, mainly (fielded) rainwater is used to irrigate the fields and the general water management is optimized. The annual crop rotation leads to the storage of water and organic substances in the soil. As a result, when cultivating the fields with organic cotton, water consumption is reduced by up to 91%.

Eco-friendly packaging

The shipping bags and boxes we use at BEARTH consist of 35% grass from local meadows and 65% recycled paper. Our glassine bags for the individual packaging of the garments are made from 100% FSC-certified paper of European origin.

We give back

BEARTH is a partner of 1% FOR THE PLANET and supports three very different projects in the are of social and climate engagement:

Acker , a non-profit social enterprise that raises awareness of sustainability and healthy eating with educational programs in schools and nurseries,

Unite to Light , a non-profit organization that distributes solar lamps and chargers to people around the world who do not have access to electricity and

drip by drip , an organization that works with the industry to develop solutions that enable a better and more sustainable use of our water resources.

Wir sind grün vernetzt

BEARTH ist Mitglied bei COSH!

COSH! ist eine innovative Plattform, die dir standortbezogene, nachhaltige Einkaufsempfehlungen für dein Budget gibt. Erhalte hier Tipps, nachhaltige Alternativen für deine Garderobe zu finden, lass‘ dich inspirieren zu einem plastikfreien Lebensstil und dir nachhaltigere (Einkaufs-)Praktiken aufzeigen.