With our product, we are not only the better alternative for your fashionable everyday outfit, we also support exceptional environmental and social projects. We are aware that we use ecological resources for the production of our collection. Therefore, we also do something to ensure that these resources are replenished or protected. Everyone can do something and many are already doing so. A large network of small, medium and large NGOs are part of 1% FOR THE PLANET. Only if money also flows to smaller organizations that want to do good in the environmental and social area, these smaller organizations can make a bigger impact.

That was exactly the approach taken by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, when they created 1% FOR THE PLANET in 2002.

To date, this meaningful project has over 5,000 participating companies and has raised over 435 million $ in donations for a variety of social and environmental organizations. 1% FOR THE PLANET is a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental partners tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues. Business members donate 1% of their annual gross sales to one or more organizations of their choice. The companies can choose from more than 150 environmental organizations that have been checked and classified as credible. These organizations make an important contribution in the areas of climate change, pollution, sustainable food management, preservation of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, renewable energies and many more. By setting priorities, the organizations can address challenges in a targeted manner and use their expertise to develop suitable solutions.

Through its work 1% FOR THE PLANET wants to show that each of us can make a contribution to a better future - The people who give back through donations and/or volunteer work with local environmental protection partners, as well as the businesses. That is why we are also part of 1% FOR THE PLANET.

As a partner of 1% FOR THE PLANET, we support three specific projects in the are of social and climate engagement: