Our sustainable women's sweatshirts

With our sustainable, high-quality sweatshirts you make a real slow fashion statement. You will be amazed by the look & feel of the natural and recycled organic materials, which will accompany you for a long time due to their special properties. Get inspired by our super comfy sweaters in colors you've always longed for.

You are spoiled for choice. In addition to the large selection of sustainable sweatshirts in different fashion colours, we also offer our bestseller - the Women's Half Zip. This trendy, sustainable rib fabric is perfect for any occasion as it combines business, comfort and style.

Our sweatshirts from fair production - such as our college styles - stand out from fast fashion labels due to their special feel and the textile finish in Natural Clean Technology®. It makes them particularly durable and colours remain bright even after washing. Look forward to skin-friendly materials, high-quality fabrics and pleasant wearing comfort. Organic cotton is particularly suitable for our sustainable fashion collection, as it meets our high standards of comfort and environmental protection.