It's not just a garment. It is a conscious choice.

Buying a product from BEARTH is a conscious choice: A conscious decision for sustainable textiles that are fairly manufactured in Europe, for a better alternative - to protect people and our earthly resources.

Through ecologically conscious behavior, we can all contribute to the earth being preserved as a regenerative, natural system in the long term. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to be proactive with the available resources. Additionally we need to find a way to meet the needs of the present without risking no longer being able to meet the needs of future generations. Sustainability draws large circles and sometimes it can be overwhelming to see what still has to happen in order to achieve set sustainability goals.

But, as big as this topic seems to be, sustainability begins with us – for example, when it comes to electricity and water consumption or to the products we buy. Often we are not aware that we as customers influence the market through the products we buy and those that we leave on the shelf (or in our online shopping cart).

It is not necessary for us to change our entire lives to contribute to a more sustainable future. Very often minimal changes and more conscious actions can make the difference.

We offer another fashion product and ask ourselves: sustainability and consumption - how does that fit?

Sustainability and consumption are closely connected. It would be best to consume less overall. This would save money, resources and reduce waste and emissions. But this is easier said than done. When we consume, we need to make more conscious and sustainable choices. This is possible, for example, if we decide to buy fewer, but high-quality and durable products that have been manufactured under socially and ecologically fair conditions. In the fashion sector, this results in choosing a slow or fair fashion product. Environmentally friendly materials, water-saving production processes, short transport routes as well as compostable or recyclable packaging material play a decisive role here.

We have consciously chosen partners who meet our high standards for a sustainable value chain. Following you will find interesting insights not only about our procurement, but also about our selection of cooperation partners in the areas of finance, photo production, packaging and environmental and social projects.