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How long does your company exist?

We founded BEARTH Concept GmbH in 2022. The first ideas for this project go back much further.

Where is your company´s headquarter?

We are a german company based in Düsseldorf.

Do you have a retail store?

BEARTH does not operate its own stores at present.

Are your products also sold in local, sustainable clothing stores?

In a first step, we sell our products through our online shop. In the future, our concept will also include cooperation with local retailers and platforms that carry sustainable products.

Sustainability & product

What kind of materials does BEARTH use?

In our collection we currently only use fabrics in organic qualities or those made from recycled materials. We give great importance to sustainability along the entire value chain - from the fabrics we choose to the packaging we use for the shipments.

You can find more information regarding our value chain and our materials in our section Sustainability .

Why do you use organic cotton?

There are many reasons for using organic cotton. When growing organic cotton, no pesticides are used, which protects people and the environment, reduces the risk of allergies and benefits the preservation of biodiversity. The water consumption in the cultivation of organic cotton is reduced by 91% compared to the cultivation of conventional cotton.

You can find a lot of additional information on this topic in the Sustainability section.

Are you eco-friendly/sustainable?

BEARTH strives to implement high sustainable and environmentally friendly standards in all parts of the value chain. We are constantly looking for ways to continue to improve our environmental friendliness. We would like to be perfect - but what is perfect? Our approach is to try to continuously do the right thing on our way to more sustainability. 

BEARTH stands for the use of innovative, ecological materials. To this day you can find a high percentage of organic cotton in our collection. We are already planning to use materials made from exceptionally innovative fibers for other collection components. Go and follow our path. Our embroidery threads, sewn-in labels and hang-tags are made from certified ecological materials in order to do justice to the environmentally friendly standards in this area.

We do not use plastic. Our packaging material consists of recycled paper and grass paper. We produce in Europe. This reduces transport routes to improve the ecological footprint. You can find more information on these topics in our Sustainability section.

Are your garments vegan?

We do not use any materials of animal origin in our collection. We rely on plant-based natural materials. The dyeing processes are subject to the regulations of GOTS or BlueSign, so that many harmful chemical additives are excluded from the outset. Unfortunately, not all colours are vegan. Even if our outer fabric suppliers take strict care to use colours that do not contain any animal content, the dyeing processes are currently not certified as vegan. However, the companies are working on it. For this reason, please understand that we cannot currently label the textiles as vegan.

Where do you produce the garments?

Our garmetnts are produced in smaller GOTS-certified companies in Portugal. The good accessibility helps to intensify the exchange with the companies and to get an idea of ​​the production conditions.

In this way, we also ensure compliance with high social standards and have the additional benefit of short transport routes to improve the ecological footprint.

Who controls the production conditions?

First of all, we get an idea of ​​the production conditions through regular visits to our partner companies. In addition, external audits regularly check out the compliance with social standards in our GOTS-certified operations.

Are the producers paid appropriately?

Because our production facilities are GOTS-certified, compliance with high social standards and working conditions are regularly checked in independent, external audits.

A fair and reasonable wage, regular working hours, no discrimination, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are among the many social standards required by the GOTS.

Do you visit the production facilities regularly?

Even if many things can be done remotely these days and thus avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions through travel, we visit our production facilities regularly. This has to do with the fact that we can better monitor production processes in this way and at the same time build up a partnership with the companies.

What does the supply chain look like?

The supply chain of a garment is long. Every piece of clothing has several components that require the work of many people.

In order to be able to implement our socially and ecologically sustainable requirements, it is important to us to know our textile supply chain. Also for this reason, a good partnership with our manufacturers is indispensable.

1. The organic cotton used as a raw material is of non-european origin. This is because organic cotton is only grown in three countries in Europe and there in very small quantities.

2. After raw material extraction, the material is spun into yarns in Portugal.

3. In our knitting mills in northern Portugal, the yarns are processed into knitted fabrics.

4. This is followed by the finishing of the outer fabrics. This means that the materials are dyed and then finished. The use of an enzyme finish such as the Naturally Clean Technology helps to improve the longevity of the product.

5. Our manufacturers then cut the fabrics and process them into garments.

6. From here, the textiles are sent to a washing plant where they are pre-washed.

7. In one of the last steps, the final quality control of the garments takes place. Afterwards they are packed and sent to us in Germany.

8. Our fulfillment center in Essen / NRW packs your orders and sends them to you via DHL GoGreen.

What does GOTS mean?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.

This seal stands for a worldwide textile processing standard with regard to organic fibers. Due to a clearly defined, transparent and comprehensive catalog of criteria, this seal offers a clear advantage over commonly used terms such as "sustainable fashion" and "fair production".

You can find more information about this textile seal under the section sustainability .

What does OCS mean?

OCS, the Organic Content Standard, stands for products that are made from at least 95% organic material. With the help of this certification, companies can follow-up on the substances used and the amount of ecological material in their products. Furthermore, they can trace the raw materials from the source to the final product.

You can find further information on the subject of OCS in the Sustainability section.

What does the FSC label tell me?

FSC is the abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council, an internationally recognized certification for sustainable forest management. The aim is to use the forests of our planet in a more environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically viable way.

You can find further information on the subject of FSC under the section sustainability .

How is the price of the products made up?

Making conscious choices about what we consume comes at a cost. Organic materials, socially fair wages in European production, transport and marketing costs all add up to a sales price that significantly exceeds the sales prices of most fast fashion items.


How can I place an order?

Please use our online shop to place an order with us.

Can I add products to my order subsequently?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add products to your order after an order has been submitted. As soon as you have completed your purchase, your order will be forwarded to our fulfillment center and processed as quickly as possible.

How long does it take for my order to get to me?

Since we choose shipping via DHL GoGreen in Germany, your order should usually reach you within 2-4 working days. If you place an order from another European country, we will ship your goods via DHL Express. In this case your order should reach you within 2-4 working days.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your BEARTH order within 14 days without reason. All detailed information on the subject of revocation can be found in detail in our section Right of withdrawal.

How can I change my address?

As soon as you have completed your order, it will be transmitted to our fulfillment partner. A subsequent change of the delivery address is unfortunately not possible due to the short timeframe.

Customized products

How can I purchase a customized product?

If you would like to order a customized product from us, click on the desired product in our shop. There you will find a text box in which you can enter your personalization request. In the shopping cart area you will then find a summary of the entered data. Complete the order. We customize the product in Germany according to your wishes and deliver it to you.

I noticed an error in the personalized design - what can I do now?

Of course, all customized products should reach you in perfect condition. However, if – contrary to expectations – there should be an error in the design that is not due to an incorrect entry at your end, please contact our customer service at . We will then discuss how to proceed further.

If you made a mistake when entering the information, please contact us immediately at . We will then try to stop or close the individualization process.

How long will it take for my customized product to get to me?

The delivery time for a customized product is a maximum of 7 working days.

Please note that if you add other items to your order in addition to the customized product, the delivery time for these products will also be longer.

Is there a discount for bigger orders?

If you are interested in a larger number of the same customized product, please do not hesitate to contact us at for the buying conditions.

Can I return my customized product?

An individualized product is made according to your wishes. Thus, this product cannot be sold to another customer. For this reason, a return of a personalized product is unfortunately not possible.


How high are the shipping costs?

In Germany, the insured shipping of your order with DHL GoGreen is free of charge.

If your package is sent to other European countries, shipping costs of €12.00 will be charged. The shipment will then be made with DHL Express.

How long does the delivery take?

Both, domestic and international shipping (European countries only) usually take 1-4 working days.

Please note, that if you have added a personalized product to your order, shipping will be extended to a maximum of 7 working days.

Where is my order?

You can check the shipping status of your order via DHL tracking. You will find the corresponding link with the tracking number in your shipping confirmation, which will be sent to you be e-mail.

Can you deliver my order to a DHL packing station?

Within Germany, we can deliver your order to a DHL packing station.

Can I have my order delivered to a post office or a parcel shop?

A delivery to a post office or a parcel shop is unfortunately not possible.

Which transport companies do you work with?

In Germany we work with DHL GoGreen. In other European countries we work with DHL Express.

How is my order packed? What packaging materials do you use?

We already pay attention to ecologically sustainable packaging materials in our production facilities. For this reason, our garments are packed in glassine bags made from FSC-certified paper of European origin.

Our envelopes and boxes are made of grass paper. Grass paper consists of 65 % recycled paper and 35 % grass from unused meadows.

I'm missing a part of my order - what can I do?

Of course, we will do everything to ensure that this does not happen.

However, if an item is missing from your order, please contact our customer service at . We will then get in touch with you immediately.

Do you deliver throughout Europe?

BEARTH delivers its products all over Europe. We currently do not offer deliveries to non-European countries. 

Do you deliver to non-European countries?

No. We currently do not deliver to non-European countries.

Returns & exchange

Are returns free of charge?

BEARTH does not offer free returns.

By offering a sustainable fashion item, we want to encourage people to make a conscious decision to buy a long-lasting product with a transparent origin. It is important to us to avoid unnecessary climate-damaging transport in online trading as far as possible. Free returns would not only make our products more expensive for everyone, they also tempt you to be more careless in your choice of items. Ideally, you can make a conscious purchase decision that does not lead to a return. This is where our fit and measurement advice comes in, added to the sizing guide on each product page. In this way, together we reduce the effort for additional transport and the time it takes to make products available for sale again.

How do I return something?

Please return your items to us unworn, undamaged and, if possible, in the original packaging.

You can find more information about the exact return process in our Returns section.

How long can I return something?

You have the option of sending your return back to us within 21 days. If you need more information about the returns process, please take a look at our Returns section.

How do I know that you have received my return?

As soon as your return has arrived to our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation by email.

How do you do refunds?

After your return has been successfully checked, we will refund the amount to the payment method you originally selected. This will happen within 14 days.

I have not received a returns form. What can I do now?

We try to avoid unnecessary paper consumption and for this reason do not enclose a returns form with the orders. Therefore, if you wish to return the product, you can find a download link under the Returns section.

I did not receive a return label. What can I do now?

To create a returns label (insured transport by DHL GoGreen) at a discounted price of €4.90, please follow the link that you can find in our Returns section.

Can I send two returns in one package?

Of course, you can send two returns in one package back to us. We want to avoid complexity and, above all, would like keep the ecological footprint as small as even possible. That's why you're welcome to use our reusable shipping material (shipping bag or box).

What happens to the returned products?

The returned products will be carefully inspected and remanufactured if there are no defects. We definitely want to avoid a pointless waste of returns, which - despite contrary legal guidelines - occurs again and again with some fast fashion producers.

How do I exchange an item?

To exchange and item, simply reorder the item you would like to have in the online-shop. If you have used a discount code or gift voucher for the original order, you can redeem it again on your next order. If there are any problems, please contact .

What do I do if I received a faulty or damaged item?

As all of our products undergo strict quality control, you shouldn't end up with a damaged item. If this should be the case, please state this on the return slip as reason for your return. Then use our free shipping code for your new order. To do so, contact our customer service at .


Which payment options do you offer?

In our shop you can choose from the following payment options:

- Apple Pay

- Google Pay

- Klarna

- Maestro

- Mastercard

- Paypal

- Shop Pay

- Immediate Transfer



Why can't I see all payment options?

You should see all payment options. It may be that the shopping cart will suggest a selection of the payment methods you normally choose. In the further payment process you can choose from all our payment options.


How can I sign up for your newsletter?

In the footer of our website you will find the option to subscribe to our newsletter.

What is the content of your newsletter?

Our newsletter primarily intends to be informative. Among other things, we point out upcoming campaigns, new products or similar current topics.

You can find more information about our sustainable product in our blog section. We look forward to your suggestions regarding newsletter content or upcoming blog posts. Please send an email to

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time via a link in our newsletter.

Social media

Where can I find you on social media?

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram .

What can I do to let others know about BEARTH?

If you become a BEARTH fan, we'd love you to share the benefits of BEARTH with your community. Let others know about us and feel free to contact to talk to us about possible collaborations on your channel and with your community.

Vouchers, coupon codes and discount codes

Can I buy vouchers from you?

You can purchase gift vouchers with different values at BEARTH. We currently offer the following vouchers:


To order a gift voucher, please enter the search term “gift voucher” in our shop.

How do I find out about discount campaigns?

To find out about discount campaigns, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

How do I redeem discount and voucher codes?

If you want to redeem a discount or voucher code, you can enter it in the "discount code" section before completing the order.

How do you deduct the discount?

When redeemed, discounts are deducted proportionally from the prices of the products for which the discount code is valid.

What happens if I return a discounted product?

When returning a product or several products for which a discount code has been redeemed, the price of the respective product or products reduced by the discount will be refunded. A (partial) reimbursement or reactivation of the discount code will not take place in this case.

What happens to my discount code if I return the discounted goods to you?

The respective conditions for redeeming discount codes can vary depending on the respective discount campaign. You can find more information about this topic under terms and conditions – “Vouchers and discount codes.”

What happens to my gift voucher if I return the ordered goods to you?

In case you should have used a gift voucher, we will activate your voucher code again after your return has been processed. Please email our customer service in this case.

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