What exactly is a capsule wardrobe?
The capsule wardrobe concept emerged from the spirit of minimalism and was first brought to life by Susie Faux in her London boutique in 1970. At that time, she wanted to create a wardrobe that would consist of high-quality, durable products that could be easily combined with each other. The approach to minimalism in combination with the value of products is now more relevant than ever before.
Fashion icon Donna Karan picked up the concept in the 1980s. She designed a 7-easy-pieces collection that would dress a woman for any occasion.

The basic idea is still the same today as it was then. With the help of timeless fashion basics made of durable, high-quality materials, you should be able to dress always according to current fashion trends. If done in the right way you will buy fewer new garments while at the same time this small selection of clothes will allow you to create a variety of different looks. 
As a guideline, 25-35 pieces (including shoes, bags, scarves, accessories, etc.) per season are given. But how do I combine these? The following guiding principles provide orientation:

Rather grab fashion basics in neutral tones than fancy patterns and colours.
Try to choose items that are easily interchangable among each other.
Make sure your wardrobe has outfits for every occasion.
Rely on high-quality and durable materials instead of fast fashion pieces.

Perhaps you´re now wondering how to get one step closer to creating a capsule wardrobe yourself.

Get an overview. If necessary, clear out your entire closet and take a close look at your clothes.
What pieces are in your closet?
Which ones do you wear? Which not? Which are the ones you had already forgotten about?
Do you really need them all? Are there things that may no longer suit your taste?

Surely, you don't like some items anymore and you would like to throw them away. But that's not very sustainable.
So think about what you could do with the clothes you've discarded. How about taking them to a thrift store, reselling them online, or hosting a clothes swap party? During the clothes swap party, you could be on the lookout for pieces that perfectly complement your selection of fashion basics.

Develop an understanding of your clothing style. Which colors suit you? Which pieces do you wear often? What is your fashion style? What are the possible combinations of the items? Do you find suitable styles for different occasions?

After you have sorted out and rearranged your wardrobe and thus found out which clothes and colors match your style, you can now look specifically for pieces that you are still missing in your collection. It´s best to look for fashion basics that impress with their timeless design and durability.
As you shop, before you make a purchase, ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Will it go with my newly created capsule wardrobe? Are these high-quality, durable materials?”
If you can answer all the questions with "Yes", then go for it.
However, if you are unsure, it is better to sleep on it or look on the internet instead. Nowadays, there are various slow fashion labels which, due to their selection of products, the material composition and the chosen color palette, represent an excellent support when renewing your wardrobe.

No idea which online store you should start with? Have a look at BEARTH . On the website you will find a variety of sustainable, durable fashion basics that can be styled for any occasion and are ideal for your personal capsule wardrobe.