Customized shirts with a personalized t-shirt design

Create your own personal t-shirt – also as a gift for friends and family. This personalized t-shirt design is your conscious and sustainable choice to make someone happy. The customized shirt is individually printed with the date you want. There are no limits to find the right occasion. For example, choose a birthday, an anniversary or anything else. Your custom made t-shirt with the large numbers on the front and back is a great gift idea. An individual combination of numbers for a personalized gift that couldn't be more unique. Give us your preferred combination of numbers for this shirt in the add-to-cart-process. Within a time frame of approx. 7 days you will receive your desired item.

This loose fit, unisex t-shirt feels very soft and premium thanks to the smooth interlock material made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. The great, soft surface has a finish in Naturally Clean Technology®, which significantly improves the longevity of the product.

Since this is an individualized product, returns are unfortunately not possible.