We support the innovative, non-profit social enterprise Acker e. V. , with the aim of raising awareness in society for sustainability and healthy nutrition. With educational programs like GemüseAckerdemie and AckerRacker, Acker supports schools and day-care centers in the cultivation of vegetables on the facility's own field. The important thing is that children and students play an active role in the gardening process. To present Acker e.V. has implemented educational programs at over 1,350 schools and day-care centers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With more than 20 awards, the GemüseAckerdemie is the most honored educational program in Germany. In addition, Acker develops other products and services for companies and individuals aiming to inspire entire teams and private hobby gardeners to treat nature and food in a responsible way.

Photos: ©Nadine Stenzel / Acker e. V