drip by drip

With Drip by Drip, we have chosen an organization that wants to find innovative solutions for a better water management in the textile industry. In cooperation with industry partners they want to find ways for a more sustainable use of water. Water is an important resource of life and access to water is a human right.

Our fresh water resources are used for numerous processes in the production of textiles, e.g. in the cultivation of raw materials or the manufacturing process. At the same time polluted water is released back into our environment.
Drip by Drip assumes that the textile industry already has solutions and technologies to use less fresh water while minimizing or even avoiding the pollution of lakes, rivers and seas with wastewater. The solution could be to work on innovative ideas that detach the production processes from the use of fresh water.

Drip by drip is working on

- the development of water-saving solutions along the entire value chain,

- an improvement in the management of water resources in the textile industry and

- the elimination of water pollution that has already occurred in regions that are economically heavily dependent on the textile industry.

Our fabric supplier TINTEX and Drip by Drip are partners in this project. TINTEX would like to further develop the implementation of water-saving processes up to a closed water cycle in production.

Our tip 💡: On the drip by drip website you can find a water consumption calculator for your own wardrobe - the so called waterplaybook. The tool includes an easy-to-use water calculator that helps you understand the impact of your fashion consumption habits on global water resources. We invite everyone to test the tool and spread the word!
Based on this, we recommend the conscious choice of organic fabrics with significantly lower water consumption and ecologically optimized production processes.