Christmas is just around the corner and the search for the right gift for friends, family and partners begins.

Sustainability and conscious consumption are increasingly coming into focus. At the same time, many people believe that sustainable living is incredibly expensive and that sustainable gifts cannot be afforded. Is that correct? Can sustainable behaviourI be reconciled with every budget? The following blog post will give you inspiration for some gift ideas. Maybe one or the other recommendation will inspire you to find a suitable gift for your loved ones.

  1. DIY broken chocolate - A true classic
    You probably know the problem: You open the candy drawer and last year´s chocolate Easter bunny grabs your attention. And the longer you dig around in the drawer, the more chocolate, that you already had forgotten about, appears. So how about some broken chocolate? Quick and easy but with an aesthetic look. 
    You'll find a variety of instructions, pictures and videos on the internet. Take a look and get inspired.
    The DIY process is simple:
  • Chop chocolate of your choice and melt pieces in a water bath.
  • Pour the melted chocolate onto a baking tray covered with (reusable) baking paper.
  • Sprinkle the warm, liquid chocolate mass with desired toppings, such as chocolate beans, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, etc. 
    There are no limits to your creativity here.
  • Then let it cool down, break it up into pieces of different sizes and wrap it up nicely. 

  1. Natural Cosmetics
    Natural cosmetics is the collective term for cosmetic products whose ingredients are predominantly of natural origin. Due to the use of natural raw materials, it is better tolerated by the skin than conventional cosmetic products. In addition, natural cosmetics are usually characterized by an environmentally friendly production process. If you want to give away a product that is as sustainable as possible, make sure that the natural cosmetics are vegan and were not tested on animals. You can find a wide range of products at:
    - Junglück (
    - Apricot Beauty (
    - Maria Nila (

  2. Safety Razor
    Speaking of natural cosmetics: a safety razor is a must in a sustainable bathroom. Safety razors are often made of bamboo, olive wood or metal and do not only look great, but are also a great gift and an excellent sustainable alternative to disposable or plastic razors, which create a lot of plastic waste.
    Take a look at: 

  3. Gifts from the bulk store
    A bulk store is a retail store that offers the entire product range 'unpackaged', i.e. free of packaging, in particular free of single-use plastic.
    Many bulk stores not only offer food that can be filled individually, but also drugstore items such as solid deodorants and shampoos or toothpaste tablets. In many larger cities there are zero-waste shops. If you are looking for a sustainable gift, visit a local bulk store. Either you´ll find a suitable gift for the recipient or you buy a gift voucher for them to discover the unpackaged world.

  4. Donation or annual membership in an environmental organization of your choice
    Instead of spending money on something tangible, consider giving a donation or annual membership to an organization of your choice instead. There is a variety of options. From animal and tree sponsorships to organizations that promote renewable energy, protect our marine ecosystem or preserve human health. Do you know which area the recipient is particularly interested in? You will definitely find what you are looking for!

  5. Give away time
    In these days, many of us posess much more than needed. Over the years, more and more things accumulate that we don't use and we might never have bought ourselves. Too much stuff can feel like a burden in the long run and it is also not at all sustainable and bad for the environment. Giving away "time instead of stuff" is more environmentally friendly and gift with a very personal touch.
    There are many ideas for time gifts. For example, you can give away a cooking evening, a visit to a museum, tickests for a concert or the theater or even a picnic in the park.

  6. Subscription to an Online Magazine
    Are you looking for a gift for a person that is a keen reader or inquisitive?
    How about giving away a subscription to an online magazine or journal? This gift is not only sustainable because it saves raw materials and avoids additional transport routes, but it is also practical because the recipient can access the magazine from anywhere with his mobile device.

  7. Special finds from antique shops or second-hand stores
    Antique or second-hand stores are a great place to go if you want to find a really sustainable gift option. Reusing "old" products saves raw materials, carbon dioxide, waste and sometimes even money. You will also find unique presents there and, thanks to the diversity of products, something for every taste.
    Curious? Look for an antiquarian or second-hand shop nearby. And the best of all: By shopping in a store around the corner, you avoid transport cost, emissions and waste for transport packaging.

  8. Gifts with dried flowers
    Next time you get a bouquet of flowers, don't throw it away after a few days. You can let the flowers dry instead and reuse them. With dried flowers you can create aesthetic collages and cards, form wreaths of dried flowers or decorate lamps and furniture. Decorative elements made of dried flowers or bouquets of dried flowers are a great eye-catcher and timeless, durable. They are an inexpensive gift for every occasion. Check out pinterest for more inspiration.

  9. Take a look into your own thing closet
    Do you have new clothes, furnishings or decorative items in your closet that you know you won't wear or use? Then consider whether there are people in your peer group or family members who would possibly like these items. Who told you that you are not allowed to give away new products as a gift? You save money, do something good for the environment and, ideally, make the recipient very happy.

  10. Reusable Coffee Mug
    A reusable coffee mug is an ideal gift for coffee or tea lovers. With a reusable cup, the recipient not only saves money, but also waste.
    Furthermore, some reusable coffee mugs can be personalized with an engraving or printed with a motif of your choice.
    Et voilà: A perfect, sustainable gift!
    coffee mold


  1. DIY Bracelets to weave yourself
    Do you have leftover wool or crochet yarn at home? It's super easy to make bracelets out of it. It is important that all threads have the same size and then you can start. There are many great how-to videos online that can help you realizing this DIY project. If you've never woven a bracelet before, it's a good idea to start with a striped motif. Once you get the hang of it, you can venture into slightly more complicated motives like for example an arrow. 
    Woven bracelets are unique, personal, and inexpensive to make. It is great gift if you're short on money or if want to give away something you've made yourself.

  2. Last but not least: A piece of clothing or a voucher from BEARTH
    If you are looking for sustainable, trendy fashion sweaters, hoodies or t-shirts made from durable, high-quality organic materials, then you have come to the right place.
    With the purchase of one of our products, you make a mark for a more conscious consumption and at the same time support selected environmental  organizations with every purchase.
    Interested? Then click here to have a look at our online shop.

As you can see, the possibilities of giving away something sustainable are diverse and the ideas presented here are certainly only a small excerpt from a large number of options.

To give your gift the final touch of sustainability, it would be great if you used ecological packaging options. For example, you can wrap your gift in old boxes, in newspaper or wrapping paper made of grass paper. Alternatively, use wrapping paper and gift bags from the previous year.
If you want to add a special touch to your gift, you can decorate it with natural materials such as pine cones, twigs, dried flowers or dried orange slices. It looks pretty and adds the special x-factor to every gift.
When writing cards, make sure to use recycled or FSC-certified paper to minimize the impact on forestry.

Alright, enough inspiration. You are now well prepared to making "greener"gifts.
Did any of the ideas convince you? Let's go!
Maybe you´ll say to yourself soon: I can be part of the change and that's why - this year - I'm giving away in a conscious and sustainable way.

Author: Lea Marie